Moving To Panama

You’ve just solidified your work contract for your new job.  Now what?  You’re bringing your spouse.  You need a place to live.  You have kids who need a school.  Where to begin?  Or maybe you’re moving to Panama to retire, or to make your money go further.  Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to come to Panama, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Did you know that moving is #7 on the Top Ten Lists of stressful life events?

First things first.  If you are a professional, ask your company if they are providing a relocation service company to assist you in your plan for moving.  If they are not, you might want to get a quote from one in Panama to help you with all the legwork.

Make a List!

Make a List! Now, make a list.  What are all the immediate things you need to do, to get your plan together?  I find getting everything down on paper helps me to sort it out.  Plus, it empties the mind, and usually you’ll sleep a little better at night.

It may sound crazy but one of the most important decisions most expats make is whether to bring all their household goods with them, or to purchase new here in-country.  Once you know what type of home or apartment you’ll be living in – size, number of bedrooms, etc. – you’ll likely be in a better position to make that determination for your own situation.  But let me make your consideration as simple as possible.

Ship as much as you can.

Ship Your Things To Panama and Save Money!

Ship Your Things To Panama and Save Money!

This may come as a surprise to you, but I strongly recommend you ship as many of your physical belongings to Panama instead of planning to buy them locally.


Because nothing is manufactured in Panama, so furniture and household goods cost 25-30% more than you would pay in the U.S.

This is just one example of one of the many insider tips I outline in my book,  The Gringo Guide to Panama: What to Know Before You Go.  It’s all based on our own experiences, and having been in the country now for five years, we know the ins and outs.

Moving to Panama?  Is the Panama cost of living really less?  The Gringo Guide to Panama: What to Know Before You Go gives realistic advice .  Click here to get it now.